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Getting Started

How does Timenox work ?

Timenox is loaded with user-friendly features that make it simpler to successfully track employee activity.
Dynamic screenshots, clock-in/ clock-out reports, detailed activity reports, data exporting and real time management are now a reality.

The main Features are:

  • Improve productivity with this ultimate time management tool
  • Time Tracking with screenshot monitoring
  • See time spent working and on breaks
  • Interactive Design and UI
  • Efficient, easy-to-use, easy to install
  • Complete powerful reports of user work
  • User login to view work done for that user
  • Effective Alarm & Notifications
  • Less Cumbersome More Productivity
  • Customization: It's Your Timenox
  • Run your own SAAS Based ERP

How to start using the Timenox (set up, installation, launch) ?

To begin using Timenox, at first, you have to Sign up to http://timenox.com/demo/index.php?user=signup.
You will receive Timenox setup prompted to download the desktop application. Timenox will automatically offer you the correct file to download, based on the OS system you have.
After downloading the application, you should launch it. Windows users should double click the icon on their Downloads folder. Make sure you log into Timenox, this will allow you to start monitoring the time.
You can then see your tracked time by going to Timenox web interface, and logging in, or you can access your profile by clicking on the small icon in your System (Top right corner for Windows users).

See instructions of the process in the video

What are the hardware and software requirements ?
Web Interface Requirement
  • 5.6<=PHP Version
  • Curl Extension Enabled
  • Linux Server ( Recommended : Apache with PHP and MySQL )
  • MySQL Database
  • PDO Extension

Software Interface Requirement
  • Window 7 & above

Why Timenox Only ?

Timenox is an accurate time tracking and time management software that helps you get a lot more done each day. It is a web-based solution that provides time tracking, computer work session monitoring, screenshot recording,reporting tools, Integration's and so much more.

Modules that makes Timenox different from other Time Tracker Software
  • Dramatically improve the productivity of teams
  • Reduce time spent on distractions
  • Help improve business processes by analyzing exactly where time is spent
  • Dramatically reduce wasted time and improve the time spent on productive activities
  • Help companies to be able to manage remote workers just as if they were in the same office, maintaining a high level of productivity when working remotely.
Timenox will also help :
  • Achieve a better work life balance by facilitating work from home, and remote working arrangements
  • Make the most of their time spent working while on the computer
  • To be more effective and avoid distractions

General Questions

How do Timenox auto screenshots work ?

The Timenox screenshots feature lets account admins capture employees computer screens at random intervals. That way managers can view their employees activity throughout the day, and have bigger control over company 's time resources.

Suspicious and unproductive screenshots will be visible for Admins. Timenox auto screen capture can be enabled for whole company (Admin) or for specific users.
To enable screen capture for one or few employees go to Web Interface -> Users and Edit User and check in to allow capture screenshots in the same.

Can I track time spent on activities ?

Absolutely, time tracking is available for scheduled events, mouse movement, keyboard actions. Timenox gives you an accurate picture of how you spend your time with date, title of site using and time to help you become more productive every day.

How can I see what my employees are doing ?
  • Timenox has the ability to take screenshots of the computer screen every few minutes. Time tracking with screenshots is useful for monitoring remote employees, and often less important in an office environment.
  • You can accurately monitor with screenshots preview includes window title name, keystrokes per minute, mouse movement per minute etc.

Can I monitor my employees when offline ?

No, Timenox does not monitor work when not connected to the Internet. The data will be maintain only when the Internet connection is there.

How much does Timenox cost ?

See our Pricing page to find out more or contact chat@timenox.com to get a price quote.

Is my data safe ?

We've been hosting web based business applications for well over years and take the security of your data very seriously. We are governed by some of the best security policies in the industry.
As stated in our Privacy Policy we promise we won't share your personal information with anyone ever, at all, period, no way.

Is Timenox software have mobile applications for monitoring ?

No, Timenox does not have mobile application now but definitely will be included in coming version as possible. Timenox provide desktop version and most of the benefits of the software come only from using the desktop version of the app.

Is computer monitoring software easy to use ?

Our products give you a simple dashboard that lets you view computers on your network with just a few clicks. If you've ever used any kind of business software before, you'll get the hang of Timenox Monitor very quickly.

How about the version upgrades after I buy this software ?

We work on improving our software constantly. Product updates and fixes are available often. Registered users get all version upgrades and we will email you update instructions as soon as new version is released.
To stay with the latest version of Timenox Monitor after initial 1 year you need to purchase 1-year Updates and Support Plan. It also gives you technical support and more.

My question has not been answered here. How can I contact you ?

For any further questions or queries, which cannot be answered in this FAQ, please contact us or email us to chat@timenox.com.

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