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Timenox Dashboard Introduction

Increase Employee Productivity

Productivity Perfected, Easy And Stress-free

Flexible Configurations

To meet the needs of companies, Timenox made adaptive to any business needs. You will never need to adjust.

Stay focused & productive

Timenox that actually improves your remote team productivity. Aimed to make you focused throughout your work day.

Timenox Easy And Stress-free

Real-time preview

With amazing dashboards it's super easy to get a clear overview of your workflow All in One Place with quick access.

Advanced Search

Quick and advanced search options with date range to find what you're looking for quickly & simply provides instant data.

Built for Your Business

Put your content together brick by brick

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Breakdown Project + Task

Create projects and tasks with unlimited nesting levels. You will get a detailed overview insights into the time they spent on each task.

Randomized Screenshots

Screenshots are only taken when team members indicate that they're working.This gives you the best idea of what's really happening.

Get In-depth with reports

You can create different reports with any combination of websites, project, users and task category to get key insights at a glance.

Web & App Usage

Visual timeline shows a particular day at a glance & lets you know what websites and applications were used, and for how long.

Start managing your time with Timenox

Project Activity Logging Features

Timenox main purpose is to record everything your employee does. Here's what it records.
It helps you learn the truth and put your mind at ease!

Monitor effortlessly

Accurately Monitor where time is spent in all the apps and websites during employees working hours.

Custom Filteration

Ability to filter data by a range of date, such as for today, last 7 or last 30/ 60 days or provide custom date range.

Export Data

All the filter data can be easily printed, or exported as a consolidated project report in .CVS formats.

Timenox Starting and stopping Timer

View Screenshots

Timenox has a ability to take screenshots of the screen every few minutes taken automatically.

Key & Mouse movement

Display total no. of keystrokes & mouse movements to evaluate the productivity of an employee work.

Text Logging

Logs everything typed or copied - including passwords while employee's are working.

Full visibility into what's next

Simplest Time Monitoring Solution

Timenox is a simple, but powerful you can start using in your business in 10 minutes.
Don't know how it worked without it before !


Along with the option to analyze Activities in real time, you can access all previously collected data at any time. Visualize every work day with Today Summary view.

Customized : It's Your Timenox

It's important for your employees to feel comfortable when getting used to new application. We make it easy to use your currency Symbol, date format and timezone!

Seamless Control

Company Admins will be able to monitor all activities of the employee's to ensure they can access all specific information within their Timenox account.

Get a deep overview

More than just a filling a timesheet

Timenox delivers an all-in-one solution, including time monitoring, project, tasks and powerful reporting.
It is everything you need to start improving your management productivity.

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Get a clear picture of Timenox

Visualize Your Work

Simple, employee time-monitoring software with automatic screenshots. It's important to have visibility into what your onsite and remote employees are doing while on the clock.

Screen Monitoring

From a single important task to a high-level overview of work in progress, Timenox automates transparency and visualizes all process flows and key data.

  • View total keystrokes/mouse movements
  • Option to full screen visualization
  • Display web & application name used.

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Your time is priceless, take better care of it.

No matter where you are, you can get work done and make sure it's recorded.
Timenox is simple and easy to use , so What are you waiting for ?

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