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A web admin system for your server to manage and pc software for your freelancers/employees/pcs
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Timenox is loaded with user-friendly features that make it simpler to successfully track employee activity. This application monitoring
software allows you to see which programs your employees run when
using the timenox. Keep things simple and manageable!

What's so special about Timenox?


Seamless integration

  • Timenox can be installed in just a few minutes.No special training or additional investment is ever needed.Try and feel how native-looking it is.

Effective Alarm & Notifications

  • Can create alerts to notify you for just about anything. Configure alerts for probation completion or changes in any important data like a change in project or for being super productive that day.
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Real-time dashboards

  • Creating a dashboard for real time monitoring, information to manage operations such as monitoring users location with ip address, country last progress. Easily customized to deliver at-a-glance summaries of information.

Powerful and Insightful Reporting

  • It is straightforward and simple to create useful, all-encompassing reports.From productivity reports to the activity log, every action is recorded and sorted in reports.

Less Cumbersome More Productivity

  • Staying productive at work is about getting more done in less time.When you can accurately track where time is spent in your business, it's easier to ensure that everyone is working efficiently.

Customization: It's Your Timenox

  • Because every company is different, Timenox can adapt to your needs with Flexible Configurations.It has a range of configurable options through a clean, simple interface.
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Comprehensive Project + Task

  • We aimed at complementing your process with great project management features.A simple to-do list which helps you organize and time track any team activities.

Calculate Productive Sites

  • Timenox silently records url usage for all users during work time . Then calculates productivity by analysing the urls with the given keywords and domains defined inside web admin

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